Lord of Life and King of Glory

Lord of Life and King of Glory. Christian Burke* (1859-1944).  According to James Mearns*, this was written in December 1903 and printed in The Treasury (February 1904). It was entitled ‘Prize Hymn for a Mothers’ Union Service’ (JJ, p. 1617). It was instantly picked up by the compilers of EH (1906), and was in the Fellowship Hymn Book soon after (1909, retained in 1933). It continued to be used in Congregational Hymnary (1916), MHB (1933), and A&MR (1950). In Ireland it was in ICH3 (1915, 1919). It had five stanzas:  Lord of life and King of glory, Who didst deign a child to be, Cradled on a mother’s bosom, Throned upon a mother’s knee: For the children Thou hast given We must...

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