Lord of all nations, grant me grace

Lord of all nations, grant me grace. Olive Wise Spannaus* (1916-2018). This hymn is the work of a courageous woman who throughout her life sought to ‘Break down the wall that would divide/ Thy children, Lord, on ev’ry side’ (stanza 2 lines 1-2). Information about it is taken from Westermeyer (2010, pp. 572-74), summarized here: it was written for the Lutheran Human Relations Association of America (LHRAA), meeting at Valparaiso University, July, 1960, and published in the proceedings, Christians, Awake, in the same year. Since that time it has become a traditional song of the LHRAA. It then appeared in A New Song (a supplement to This Day magazine, 1967, edited by Jaroslav Vajda*) and in...

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