Lord and Saviour, true and kind

Lord and Saviour, true and kind. Handley Moule* (1841-1920).  This was published as ‘Jesus the Guide of Youth’ in The Council School Hymn-Book (1905) (Telford, 1934, p. 395). A ‘Council School’ at that time was a school run by the local council of a town or district, and not affiliated to any church (unlike a Church of England School or a Catholic School). It would be entirely in keeping with Handley Moule’s exemplary conduct in the See of Durham that he should have first published the hymn in a book intended for such schools.. The rhyming couplets make it easy to understand, and the message is clear and concise:  Lord and Saviour, true and kind,Be the master of my mind;Bless and guide and...

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