Lo! now the time accepted peals

Lo! now the time accepted peals. Robert Maude Moorsom* (1831-1911). First published in Moorsom’s Renderings of Church Hymns from Eastern and Western Office Books (1901). It was translated from the Latin ‘En tempus acceptabile’, beginning En tempus acceptabile, Tempus salutis nuntium, Quo paenitentis fletibus Patet thronus clementiae. This comes from French 18th-century breviaries beginning with that of Carcassonne (1745), but the first line, and part of the general sentiment, is taken from an 11th-century hymn for Quadragesima (from the Abbey of St Severin, Naples, AH 14.69), beginning: En tempus acceptabile, Salutis en adsunt dies, Quibus queat propensius Luens...

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