Let not your hearts with anxious thoughts. William Robertson, d.1745*.

Let not your hearts with anxious thoughts. William Robertson, d. 1745*. This is one of two paraphrases of chapter 14 of St John’s Gospel. The first begins as above, and paraphrases verses 1-7; its companion-piece, ‘You now must hear my voice no more’, paraphrases verses 25-28. According to James Mearns* in JJ (p. 672), Robertson wrote them both for the draft of the never-published Translations and Paraphrases of 1745; they were identified as the work of Robertson by the daughter of William Cameron*. She alleged that her father was responsible for alterations (see JJ, p. 672) for the Scottish Translations and Paraphrases in Verse of 1781. Mearns noted that it was ‘still in C.U. (‘Common...

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