Let Christian faith and hope dispel

Let Christian faith and hope dispel. Granton Douglas Hay* (1943- ). This seven-stanza text, based on Romans 8: 31-39, was written for the Australian Hymn Book (WOV). It is a reworking of a slightly longer paraphrase in the Scottish Translations and Paraphrases (1781), beginning Let Christian faith and hope dispel The fears of guilt and woe; The Lord Almighty is our friend, And who can prove a foe? See ‘The Saviour died, but rose again’*. Hay’s version is in seven stanzas. In WOV it is preceded by the instruction ‘If a shorter hymn is required, the hymn may be begun at verse 4’. Stanza 4 begins ‘The Christ who died but rose again’: this is the version used by the American H82...

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