Les anges dans nos campagnes

Les anges dans nos campagnes. French carol, perhaps from Lorraine, perhaps 18 century. This is the original French carol from which several translations have been made into English. They include ‘The angels we have heard on high’ by James Chadwick* (‘Angels we have heard on high’* in The Holy Family Hymns, 1860, and Crown of Jesus, 1862) , ‘Bright angel hosts are heard on high’ by R.R. Chope*, ‘Angels, we have heard your voices’ by Richard Runciman Terry*. There are variations in the text, both in the French and the English versions (see The New Oxford Book of Carols, 1992, to which this entry is indebted): Les anges dans nos campagnes Ont entonné l’hymne des cieux; Et l’écho de nos...

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