Lead, Holy Shepherd, lead us

Lead, Holy Shepherd, lead us. Hamilton Montgomerie MacGill* (1807-1880). This translation was included in the hymnbook of the United Presbyterian Church, The Presbyterian Hymnal (1877). The Church had been formed in 1847 through a union between the United Secession Church and the Synod of Relief (see ‘Synod of Relief hymns’*). MacGill was one of the compilers of the 1877 hymnbook.  It was a translation of a hymn by Clement of Alexandria* (Titus Flavius Clemens, ca. 150- ca. 215), entitled ‘Hymn of the Saviour Christ’. It was appended to a treatise,  Paidagogos (‘TheTutor’) by Clement, who taught religion and philosophy in Alexandria. It has some claim to be the first extant Christian...

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