Joy! because the circling year

Joy! Because the circling year. Latin, author unknown, translated by John Ellerton* (1826-1893) with the assistance of Fenton John Anthony Hort* (1828-1892). This is a translation of ‘Beata nobis gaudia’*, a Latin hymn for Pentecost of unknown origin sometimes attributed to Hilary of Poitiers* (almost certainly this attribution is spurious). It was printed in three stanzas in Church Hymns (1871), with stanza 1 as follows: Joy! Because the circling year Brings our day of blessings here; Day when first the Light divine On the Church began to shine! Like to quivering tongues of flame Unto each the Spirit came; Tongues, that earth might hear their call: Fire, that Love might burn in all. In...

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