Jonathan Krause

KRAUSE, Jonathan. b. Hirschberg, 5 April 1701; d. Liegnitz, 13 December 1762. According to JJ, from which the following biographical facts are taken, he was from a prosperous family, and educated at the Universities of Leipzig and Wittenberg. After a period as a private tutor he was ordained on 20 August 1732 as Diaconus of Probsthayn, near Liegnitz, and in 1739 he became chief pastor of the Church of St Peter and St Paul at Liegnitz. He edited a Liegnitz Gesang Buch (1745). In JJ James Mearns noted that two of his books were in the Berlin Royal Library (the titles have been expanded): Die zum Lobe Gottes eröffnete Lippen derer Gläubigen: In heiligen Liedern über die ordentl. Sonn- und...

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