Johann Adolf Schlegel

SCHLEGEL, Johann Adolf. b. Meissen, 17 September 1721; d. Hannover, 16 September 1793. He was the son of a lawyer. He was educated at school at Pforta, near Naumburg, and at the University of Leipzig. He became a private tutor in 1746 and then a writer in Leipzig. From 1748 to 1751 he lived with his friend the poet Johann Andreas Cramer (1723-1788; see JJ, p. 267-8) at Crellwitz, near Lützen, before being appointed a master in his old school at Pforta, and a deacon of the church at Pforta (1751-54). He was appointed pastor of the Church of the Holy Trinity, and a professor at the Gymnasium at Zerbst (1754-59), and then successively pastor of the Markt Kirche (1759-75) and the Neustadt...

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