Johan Nordahl Brun

BRUN, Johan Nordahl. b. 21 March 1745; 26 July 1816. Born at Byneset (now in Norway), he was educated at the University of Trondheim. He became a private tutor, and accompanied his pupil to Soro in Denmark (where, according to the Handbook to the Lutheran Hymnal, 1942, p. 488, he took the theological examination after only three months’ study and was placed in the lowest possible grade; he re-took the examination at Copenhagen in 1767, after more study, and did better). After periods as a private tutor, an instructor at Trondheim, and a successful dramatist at Copenhagen (Zarine, 1771), he was ordained as a pastor in 1772. He was assistant pastor at Byneset (1772-74), senior pastor of...

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