Jesus the Lord said, ‘I am the Bread’

Jesus the Lord said, ‘I am the Bread’. Urdu hymn, translated by Dermott Monahan* (1906-1957). These words were set to an Urdu melody, YISU NE KAHA, recorded by an ethnomusicologist, Kate Greenfield, and arranged by Francis Westbrook*. The hymn was written to fit the beautiful melody; Westbrook’s arrangement was made ca. 1940 for a booklet of hymns for Sunday School anniversaries. Words and music were included in the School Hymn-Book of the Methodist Church (1950) and in the EACC Hymnal (1963). Most books follow Monahan’s text, but RS omits his verses 2 and 4 (‘I am the Door…’, ‘I am the Shepherd’), replacing them with ‘I am the vine…’ (verse 2) and ‘I am the way…’ (verse 3); RS also changes...

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