Jesus calls us here to meet him

Jesus calls us here to meet him. John Lamberton Bell* (1949- ) and Graham Maule* (1958- ). From Love from Below (Wild Goose Songs 3) (1989), where the title is ‘Jesus calls us’. Its opening line suggests a general call to worship in the manner of William Cowper*’s ‘Jesus, where'er thy people meet’*, and the first three stanzas can be used for this purpose. The fourth stanza, beginning ‘Jesus calls us to his table’, makes its purpose clear. It is a hymn in which the previous three stanzas can be interpreted as a preparation for Holy Communion, crossing the barriers of ‘creed and colour, class and gender’ (stanza 3 line 3) and embracing ‘the faithful and the doubter’ (line 7). Stanza 4 is...

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