Jesus, I live to Thee

Jesus, I live to Thee. Henry Harbaugh* (1817-1867). This simple but profound hymn of consecration is the best known of Harbaugh’s works, and one of the best known hymns of the German Reformed Church tradition. It is not known if Harbaugh wrote it when he was pastor of First Reformed Church, Lancaster, Pennsylvania (1850-60) or when he was at St John’s, Lebanon, Pennsylvania (1860-64) (see Haeussler, 1952, pp. 286-7). Its first appearance in print seems to have been in Hymns and Chants: with Offices of Devotion (Philadelphia, 1861). This information (from Dr Paul Westermeyer), supersedes that in JJ, p. 484 (followed by Polack, 1942/1958, p. 421), which dates it from 1850, and says that first...

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