Jesu nostra Redemptio

Jesu nostra Redemptio. Latin ca. 8th century, author unknown.  This is found in MSS in the British Library, in a MS held by Corpus Christi College, Cambridge (see JJ, p. 592), and in an 11th-century MS in Durham Cathedral Library (see Milfull, 1996, pp. 287-9). It was entitled ‘Ymnus ad Nocturnam’ and used for Matins (Nocturn) at Eastertide, or in some Uses, for Ascension. Frost notes that it was in the Sarum Use for Compline from the vigil of the Ascension to Whitsuntide (1962, p. 222).  It exists in English-speaking books in two principal translations:  ‘O Christ, our hope, our hearts’ desire’*  ‘Jesu, our hope, our heart’s desire’.  Both are translations by John Chandler*, from his Hymns...

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