Jesu, Lord, Redeemer

Jesus, Lord, Redeemer. Patrick Miller Kirkland* (1857-1943).  This moving Easter hymn was first published in the English Presbyterian hymnbook, Church Praise (revised edition, 1907). It is unusual in hymnody because it includes the story of the road to Emmaus and the ten disciples (without Judas and Thomas) in hiding on the first Easter day: Faithful ones, communing,   Towards the close of day, Desolate and weary,   Met Thee in the way... In the upper chamber,   Where the ten, in fear, Gathered, sad and troubled,   There Thou didst appear. So, O Lord, this evening,   Bid our sorrows cease; Breathing on us, Saviour,   Say ‘I give you peace’.  It was popular in Scotland, and is found in...

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