Ja, fürwahr! uns führt mit sanfter Hand

Ja, fürwahr! uns führt mit sanfter Hand. Friedrich Adolf Krummacher* (1767-1845). According to James Mearns* in JJ, p. 634, this was first published in Krummacher’s Festbüchlein, in the Third Edition, 1813, of the part entitled Der Sonntag (first published 1808). There were three Festbüchleinen: Der Sonntag (1808, 1810, 1813, 1819); Das Christfest (1810, 1814, 1821); and Das Neujahrsfest (1819). They consisted of conversations, historical observations, and stories: this hymn is sung by children at an account of a dedication of a rebuilt church, following its destruction in war (presumably the Napoleonic wars). It had five stanzas, in an unusual metre, beginning: Ja, fürwahr! uns führt mit...

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