Infant holy, infant lowly

Infant holy, infant lowly. Edith Margaret Gellibrand Reed* (1885-1933). This is  a translation of a Polish carol, beginning ‘W Żłobie Leży’, found in Spiewniczek Piesni Koscielne (1908), thought to be from the 13th or 14th century (Milgate, Songs of the People of God, 1982, p. 104). Gillibrand’s translation was published in Music and Youth I/12 (December 1921), and later published in the Congregational Church’s School Worship (1926), after which it became very popular: Infant holy, infant lowly,  For his bed a cattle stall;  Oxen lowing, little knowing,  Christ the babe is Lord of all.  Swift are winging angels singing,  Noels ringing, tidings bringing:  Christ the babe is Lord of all...

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