In this world, the Isle of Dreams

In this world, the isle of Dreams. Robert Herrick* (1591-1674).  Herrick published His Noble Numbers: or, His Pious Pieces, Wherein (amongst other things) he Sings the Birth of his Christ: and Sighes for his Saviours Suffering on the Crosse in1647. It included this poem, entitled ‘The white Island: or place of the Blest’. It celebrates the reality of heaven, the ‘white Island’ (‘ white’ signifying innocence) and contrasts it with the ‘teares and terrors’ of earth (it should perhaps be remembered that these were the years of Civil War in England). The text in 1647 was in six stanzas (another early edition prints five only, omitting stanza 4). In 1647 the text was:  In this world (the Isle...

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