In the dark and cloudy day

In the dark and cloudy day. George Rawson* (1807-1889).  From Psalms, Hymns, and Passages of Scripture for Christian Worship (the ‘Leeds Hymn Book’, 1853), the book in which Rawson assisted the local Congregationalist ministers. It had six stanzas:  In the dark and cloudy day, When earth’s riches flee away, And the last hope will not stay, Saviour, comfort me.  When the secret idol’s gone, That my poor heart yearned upon, Desolate, bereft, alone, Saviour, comfort me.  Thou, who wast so sorely tried, In the darkness crucified, Bid me in Thy love confide: Saviour, comfort me.  In these hours of sad distress, Let me know He loves no less, Bids me trust His faithfulness: Saviour, comfort...

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