In grief and fear to Thee, O Lord

In grief and fear to Thee, O Lord. William Bullock* (1798-1874).  According to JJ, p. 564, this appeared in Bullock’s Songs of the Church (Halifax, Nova Scotia, 1854), with the title ‘The Church in Plague or Pestilence’. It had five stanzas:  In grief and fear, to Thee, O Lord,  We now for succour fly,Thine awful judgments are abroad,  O shield us, lest we die! The fell disease on every side,  Walks forth with tainted breath;And Pestilence, with rapid stride,  Bestrews the land with death.  Our sins Thy dreadful anger raise,  Our deeds Thy wrath deserve;But we repent, and from Thy ways  We never more will swerve.  O look with pity on the scene  Of sadness and of dread,And let Thine...

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