Iam lucis orto sidere

Iam lucis orto sidere. Latin, date unknown. This hymn may be as old as the 5th century. It is found in Daniel, Thesaurus Hymnologicus, I. 56, among the Ambrosian hymns but with no known author, and in Analecta Hymnica 51: 40-1. It was the daily hymn for Prime throughout the year in some Old Hymnal manuscripts and it was retained in that context in the New Hymnal tradition (see ‘Medieval hymns and hymnals*). See also A.S. Walpole, Early Latin Hymns, p. 293, and Milfull, Hymns of the Anglo-Saxon Church, Cambridge, 1996, p. 128: Iam lucis orto sidereDeum precemur supplices,ut in diurnis actibusnos servet a nocentibus.  Linguam, refrenans temperet,ne litis horror insonet,visum fovendo...

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