I would I were at last at home

I would I were at last at home. Heinrich von Laufenburg* (ca. 1390- ca. 1460), translated by Catherine Winkworth* (1827-1878).  The German text, beginning ‘Ich wollte, dass ich daheime wär’, is found in the copy of the Strasbourg manuscript used by Wackernagel, dated 1429 (modern books date it 1430) and printed in Das Deutsche Kirchenlied, II. pp. 540. James Mearns* adds a typically learned reference to manuscript sources and to 19th-century printings of the German text (JJ, p. 507).    Catherine Winkworth’s rather free translation was made for her Christian Singers of Germany (1869). It reproduced the couplets of the original, entitling them ‘Home-sickness’. Below is the translation...

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