I love to tell the story

I love to tell the story. Based on a poem by (Arabella) Katherine Hankey* (1834-1911). This hymn and its companion-piece, the better-known ‘Tell me the old, old story’*, were written in 1866 during a period of recovery from illness. Hankey wrote a poem on the life of Jesus in two parts, entitled ‘The Story Wanted’ (29 January) and ‘The Story Told’ (18 November). This hymn is based on the second part, which tells the story of the Fall and Redemption in over 40 verses. This hymn does not bear out the description of Hankey’s work in JJ as ‘several hymns of great beauty and simplicity’ (p. 483): it can charitably be described as simple writing for children, and uncharitably as doggerel. In its...

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