I lift my eyes to the quiet hills

I lift my eyes to the quiet hills. Timothy Dudley-Smith* (1926- ). This hymn, ‘based on’ Psalm 121 (the author’s words) was written in 1968, and published in Psalm Praise (1973) to a tune, DAVOS, written for it by Michael Baughen* (1930- ) when he (Baughen) was vicar of Holy Trinity, Platt, near Manchester. It was in this church (during a service on television) that the hymn was sung for the first time in October 1970. It was sung in York Minster at Baughen’s consecration as Bishop of Chester in 1982. Dudley-Smith modestly suggests that ‘some of its popularity must be attributed to the haunting tune’ (2003, p. 90). That tune has been given the name UPLIFTED EYES in some books, beginning...

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