I know that my Redeemer

I know that my Redeemer. Hallgrim Pjetursson* (1614-1674), translated by Charles Venn Pilcher* (1879-1961). This hymn by Hallgrim Pjetursson (Hallgrímur Pétursson) exists in manuscript form in the museum at Reykjavík. It was printed in M. Jónsson’s Hallgrímur Pétursson (Rekjavík, 1947). It begins ‘Allt eins og blómstrið eina’ (‘Even as a little flower’) and has 13 verses. Pilcher translated seven verses for his Icelandic Christian Classics (Melbourne, 1950). The selection used in the Australian Hymn Book/WOV is of the original verses 10, 12 and 13 (Pilcher’s verses 4, 6 and 7), beginning ‘Ég veit, minn ljúfur lifir’, and based on Job 14: 2. In addition to WOV this translation of the three...

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