I can picture Jesus toiling

I can picture Jesus toiling. Dorothy Helen Stone* (dates not known, possibly 1890-1954). This was one of four hymns contributed by Stone to Hosanna: A Book of Praise for Young Children, ed. T. Grigg-Smith, Charles Wood* and H. Middleton (1930). It is the only one that has been widely used: it is found in CP, CH3, in Sunday School Praise (1958), and in WOV. The last-named alters the text to avoid non-inclusive language, such as ‘men’, and even ‘worker’ and ‘Lord’. Apart from this single Australian use, it does not seem to be known outside Britain. It is an attractive hymn on the topic of Christ as worker. The use of the word ‘picture’ in stanza 1 is significant. It may have had its origin...

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