I’ve reached the land of corn and wine

I’ve reached the land of corn and wine. Edgar Page Stites* (1836-1921). This is sometimes known as ‘Beulah land’, from the visionary refrain: O Beulah land, sweet Beulah land, As on thy highest mount I stand, I look away across the sea, Where mansions are prepared for me, And view the shining glory shore, My Heav’n, my home for ever more! The word ‘Beulah’ occurs once only in tne Bible, at Isaiah 62: 4, where ‘the Lord delighteth in thee’, but over the centuries it has come to stand for a place beloved of the Lord. Although line 4 of this refrain is clearly from John 14: 2, the whole hymn is the expression of some kind of ecstatic experience, with its imagery of a sublime geography of...

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