Hymns of Universal Praise (Putian Songzan, 普天頌讚) (Shanghai, 1936; Hong Kong, 1977, 2006)

Hymns of Universal Praise (Putian Songzan, 普天頌讚) (Shanghai, 1936; Hong Kong, 1977, 2006)  The first edition of Hymns of Universal Praise (hereafter HUP) (Shanghai, 1936) was a project led by Chinese theologian and hymnwriter Timothy T'ing Fang Lew* (Liu) (劉廷芳) (1891–1947) and edited by Methodist missionary Bliss Wiant* (1895–1975). It was published in China as a joint project of six colonial denominations who had established mission work in pre-Communist China. Andrew Granade and Anping Wu indicate that this hymnal ‘and its compilers did more for the development of Chinese hymnody’ than any other congregational song initiative (Granade and Wu, 2007, p. 13).  An account of the broader...

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