Hushed was the evening hymn

Hushed was the evening hymn. James Drummond Burns* (1823-1864). This hymn of five verses on 1 Samuel 3: 3-10 was entitled ‘The Child Samuel’, and published in a book entitled The Evening Hymn (1857). The book, published by Nelsons of London, consisted of an original hymn and prayer for every evening in the month. This hymn became very popular after its publication in the Supplement (1889) to the Second Edition of A&M. It was very popular, usually but not invariably as a children’s hymn, in books of the first half of the 20th century: it remained in A&M editions until it was dropped by A&MR. It is still found in HP, RS, and the Song Book of the Salvation Army (1953 and 1986...

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