Hush, my soul, what Voice is pleading

Hush, my soul, what Voice is pleading. John Henry Lester* (ca. 1845- ca. 1904). The date of composition of this hymn is not known. It was published in the Lichfield Church Mission Hymn Book (1883), and later in the Mirfield Mission Hymn Book* (1907).  It had four stanzas: Hush, my soul, what Voice is pleading?   Thou canst feel its silent power; Who is this that speaks so gently   In this solemn evening hour? ‘Stay, poor sinner; life is fleeting,   And thy soul is dark within Wilt thou wait till outer darkness   Close in gloom thy life of sin?’ Hark, it is a Voice of sweetness,   Tenderly it speaks and true! Dark and sad, yet strangely yearning   For a peace I never knew, Half inclined...

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