How oft, O Lord, Thy Face hath shone

How oft, O Lord, Thy Face hath shone.  William Bright* (1824-1901).  Written for St Thomas’s Day (21 December), this was included in the Second Edition of A&M (1875), and thus in A&MS. It was included in A&M (1904), but dropped from A&MR. How oft, O Lord, Thy Face hath shone   On doubting souls whose wills were true; Thou Christ of Cephas and of John,   Thou art the Christ of Thomas too. He loved Thee well, and calmly said, ‘Come, let us go, and die with Him’; Yet when Thine Easter news was spread,   ’Mid all its light his eyes were dim. His brethren’s words he would not take,   But craved to touch those hands of Thine: The bruisèd reed he did not break,   He saw, and...

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