How happy is he born and taught

How happy is he born and taught. Sir Henry Wotton* (1568-1639).  According to Logan Pearsall Smith (1907) this was written during one of the times when Wotton, who led a hectic and adventurous life, was out of favour with King James I. It was published by Isaak Walton in Reliquiae Wottonianae (1651) with the title ‘The character of a happy life’. It had six stanzas:  How happy is he born and taught, That serveth not another’s will? Whose armour is his honest thought: And simple truth his utmost skill?  Whose Passions not his masters are,  Whose soul is still prepar'd for Death ;  Untide unto the world, by care  Of Publick fame, or private breath. Who envies none...

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