How far is it to Bethlehem

How far is it to Bethlehem. Frances Chesterton* (1869-1938).  This Christmas carol was written by Frances Chesterton on a Christmas Card, sent to friends in 1917. Percy Dearmer* may have been one of the recipients; he included it in SofP (1925), entitled ‘Children’s Song of the Nativity’. It had seven stanzas:  How far is it to Bethlehem?    Not very far. Shall we find the stable-room,    Lit by a star?  Can we see the little Child,    Is he within? If we lift the wooden latch    May we go in?  May we stroke the creatures there,    Ox, ass, or sheep? May we peep like then and see    Jesus asleep?  If we touch his tiny hand    Will he awake? Will he know we’ve come so far    Just for his...

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