How brightly beams the morning star

How brightly beams the morning star. Johann Adolf Schlegel* (1721-1793, translated by Catherine Winkworth* (1827-1878). This is a translation of Schlegel’s ‘Wie herrlich strahlt der Morgenstern’, which was an imitation of the hymn by Philipp Nicolai*, ‘Wie schön leuchtet der Morgenstern’*. Schlegel’s hymn appeared in the first of his three collections, Sammlung geistlicher Gesänge zur Beförderung der Erbauung (Leipzig, 1766). It had seven 11-line verses; Winkworth translated five for The Chorale Book for England (1863), the verses beginning: ‘How brightly beams the morning star!’ ‘Thou here my Comfort, there my Crown’ ‘Through Thee alone can I be blest’ ‘O God our...

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