How blest are the folk who have ear for the sound

How blest are the folk who have ear for the sound. Nicolai Frederik Severin Grundtvig* (1783-1872), translated by Alan Gaunt* (1935- ). This hymn, ‘Lyksaligt det folk, som har ore for klang’, begins with Psalm 89, ‘Blessed are the people who hear the festal shout. They shall walk in the light of his countenance.’ It works by a constant reiteration of the images of interchange, the vekselvirkning (‘interaction’) of heaven and earth, the admirabile commercium, what Luther calls the ‘fröhliche Wechsel’ (‘happy exchange‘). In the first two verses it is the exchange of Spirit and dust which is celebrated, and in verse 3 the interchange takes place within the heart with its depth and its height...

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