Hosanna, loud hosanna

Hosanna, loud hosanna. Jennette Threlfall* (1821-1880). This Palm Sunday hymn was first published in Threlfall’s Sunshine and Shadow (1873). It was found in the Scottish Church Hymnary (1898) and in successive Scottish books, RCH, CH3 and CH4, and in Methodist books, such as MHB  and The School Hymn Book of the Methodist Church (1950). CH4  omits the descriptive verse 3: Fair leaves of silvery olive    They strowed upon the ground,While Salem’s circling mountains    Echoed the joyful sound;The Lord of men and angels    Rode on in lowly state,Nor scorned that little children    Should on His bidding wait. The hymn was very popular in the USA, and it has remained so. It was chosen by...

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