Hilary of Poitiers

HILARY of Poitiers. b. Poitiers, early 4th century; d. Poitiers, 13 January 367/8. Born into a wealthy pagan family, he converted to Christianity ca. 350. In 353 he was elected to the bishopric of Poitiers, despite his married status. He was a strong defender of orthodox Christianity against Arianism. This led to his exile after the Council of Béziers in 356 where he refused to condemn Athanasius; he was released from exile in 361 and died in 368. St Hilary is chiefly remembered for his theological writings, such as De Trinitate. St Hilary’s Liber hymnorum has not survived; it was mentioned by Jerome and by Isidore of Seville in De officio ecclesiastico. The 4th council of Toledo (633)...

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