Here a little child I stand

Here a little child I stand. Robert Herrick* (1591-1674).  From Herrick’s His Noble Numbers: or, His Pious Pieces, Wherein (amongst other things) he Sings the Birth of his Christ: and Sighes for his Saviours Suffering on the Crosse (1647). It was entitled ‘Another grace for a Child’, following ‘Grace for children’, a little known poem-grace that began:  What God gives, and what we take’Tis a gift for Christ His sake:Be the meale of Beanes and Pease,God be thank’d, for those, and these…  ‘Here a little child…’ was:  Here a little child I stand, Heaving up my either hand; Cold as Paddocks though they be, Here I lift them up to Thee, For a Benizon to fall On our meat, and on us all...

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