Here, Lord, we take the broken bread

Here, Lord, we take the broken bread. Charles Venn Pilcher* (1897-1961). Written in 1935, this hymn was published in the Canadian Book of Common Praise (1938), the hymnbook of the Church of England in Canada and a revision of the original BCP of 1908. Pilcher’s hymn was in the ‘thou’ form normal at that time. The first verse was as follows: Here, Lord, we take the broken Bread And drink the Wine, believing That by thy life our souls are fed, Thy dying gifts receiving. The phrase ‘dying gifts’ in line 4 was altered to ‘parting gifts’ in The Hymn Book (of the Anglican Church of Canada and the United Church of Canada, 1971). This retained the ‘thou’ form, but most books subsequently...

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