Harp (as a title)

HARP (as a title). As early as 1795, hymn collections with Harp or Harfe in the title were published in the USA, without music, and thereafter, a number of tunebooks were published with ‘Harp’ in the title. The most widely-known Harp, as a collection of hymns, is The Sacred Harp*, by B. F. White* and Elisha J. King*. This usage of Harp probably started in connection with the Psalms of David, as in Dauids harpe ful of moost delectable armony, newely stringed and set in tune, by Theadore Basille (London, 1542). Other influential Harps published in London were Henry Playford*’s The Divine Companion: or, David’s Harp New Tun’d (1707) and William Edward Miller’s David’s Harp…Adapted to Mr...

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