Harp (as a title)

HARP (as a title).  As early as 1795, hymn collections with ‘Harp’ or ‘Harfe’ in the title were published in the USA, without music; and during the 19th century, a number of tunebooks were published with ‘Harp’ in the title. The most widely-known, as a collection of hymns, is The Sacred Harp*, by B. F. White* and Elisha J. King*.  This usage probably started in connection with the Psalms of David, as in Thomas Becon’s (1512-1567), Dauids harpe ful of moost delectable armony, newely stringed and set in tune by Theadore Basille (London, 1542).  Other influential Harps published in London were Henry Playford*’s The Divine Companion: or, David’s Harp New Tun’d (1707), and William Edward...

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