Hark! ten thousand voices cry

Hark ten thousand voices cry. Thomas Kelly* (1769-1855). According to JJ, p. 488, this was first published in Hymns on Various Passages of Scripture (Second Edition, Dublin, 1806). It was prefaced by the heading: ‘Death is swallowed up in victory. 1 Cor.xv. 54.’ Unusually, the first stanza is in a different metre from the other three: it rhymes AABB and is in the metre of 77.77., whereas the other three are in In the 1820 edition the text was as follows: Hark ten thousand voices cry Vict’ry, vict’ry through the sky! Swiftly flies the welcome sound; Spreading rapt’rous joy around. Jesus comes, his conflict over,   Comes to claim his great reward: Angels round the victor hover,...

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