Happy the souls to Jesus joined

Happy the souls to Jesus joined. Charles Wesley* (1707-1788). From Hymns on the Lord’s Supper (1745), where it was found in Section III, ‘The Sacrament a Pledge of Heaven’. This section corresponds to Section V of John Wesley*’s abridgement of Daniel Brevint’s The Christian Sacrament and Sacrifice (1673) which precedes the hymns, ‘Concerning the Sacrament, as it is a Pledge of Future Glory.’ In 1745 it was Hymn XCVI, in four stanzas: Happy the Souls to Jesus join’d,   And sav’d by Grace alone, Walking in all thy Ways we find   Our Heaven on Earth begun. The Church triumphant in thy Love   Their mighty Joys we know, They sing the Lamb in Hymns above,   And we in Hymns below. Thee in thy...

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