Happy day, happy day

Happy day, happy day. 19th Century, author unknown.  This was a refrain added at some time in the 19th century to the hymn by Philip Doddridge*, ‘O happy day, that fixed my choice’*:  Happy day, happy day, When Jesus washed my sins away, He taught me how to watch and pray, And live rejoicing every day, Happy day, happy day, When Jesus washed my sins away.  This may have developed from the hymn into a camp-meeting song. Its first appearance in a hymnbook seems to have been in The Wesleyan Sacred Harp. A Collection of Choice Tunes and Hymns, for Prayer Class, and Camp Meetings, Choirs, and Congregational Singing (Boston, Massachusetts, Cleveland, Ohio, and New York, 1854), edited by ‘Rev W...

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