Great God, to Thee my evening song

Great God, to thee my evening song. Anne Steele* (1716-1778).  In Steele’s Poems on Subjects Chiefly Devotional (1760) this was entitled ‘An Evening Hymn’. It had nine stanzas:  Great God, to thee my ev’ning song With humble gratitude I raise:O let thy mercy tune my tongue, And fill my heart with lively praise.  Mercy, that rich unbounded shore, Does my unnumber’d wants relieve;Among thy daily, craving poor, On thy all-bounteous hand I live.  My days unclouded, as they pass,  And ev’ry gently rolling hour,Are monuments of wond’rous grace, And witness to thy love and pow’r.  Thy love and pow’r, (celestial guard) Preserve me from surrounding harms:Can danger reach me, while the...

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