Gracious Power, the world pervading

Gracious Power, the world pervading. William Johnson Fox* (1786-1864). First published in Fox’s Hymns and Anthems (1841), in six 3-line stanzas. It is a characteristic Unitarian hymn, addressing God as the ‘Gracious Power’ that gives wisdom, light and love, ‘and the soul of thought and feeling’. Stanza 2 is normally omitted in modern books: it rejects ‘formal adorations’ and a penitential attitude, in favour of the human spirit at its finest: Not in formal adorations, Nor with servile depredations,   But in spirit true and free. This noble hymn is understandably not found in many orthodox books, but it is included in the Unitarian Hymns of Worship Revised (1962) and in the more...

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