Goodness is stronger than evil (1)

Goodness is stronger than evil. Desmond Tutu* (1931–2021).  The text for this poem, ‘Victory is Ours’, by Archbishop Desmond Tutu is from his An African Prayer Book (New York, 1995), a compilation of writings ranging from the Xhosa and Coptic traditions, to St Augustine and the worldwide African diaspora. This is one of only two prayers in the book written by him. The prayer’s compact structure, and its version as a one-stanza hymn, reflects the rhetorical style of paired opposites common throughout Scripture (Daw, 2016, p. 716), and echoes affirmations such as those found in the Song of Solomon 8: 6: ‘For love is strong as death; jealousy is cruel as the grave’ (RSV). These opposites are...

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