Golden breaks the dawn

Golden breaks the dawn. (Qing zao qi zan-mei Shen). Tzu Chen Chao* (1888-1979).  First published in Mien ZhuengSheng Ge Ji (‘Hymns for the People’, Peking, 1931), it gained wider use from its inclusion in Pu Tian Sueng Zan (Hymns of Universal Praise (Putian Songzan, 普天頌讚) (Shanghai, 1936)*, a collection by six major Christian churches in China.. There are two translations, ‘Rise to greet the sun’, by Bliss Wiant* (1895-1975) and Mildred Wiant (1898-2001), in their small collection of Chinese hymns, The Pagoda (Delaware, Ohio, ca. 1946), and ‘Golden breaks the dawn’ by Frank W. Price (1895-1974), a missionary in China for thirty years, and editor of Chinese Christian Hymns, by Chinese...

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