God who created me

God who created me. Henry Charles Beeching* (1859-1919).  This exuberant hymn comes from Beeching’s In a Garden, and other Poems (1895). It seems to have been used as a hymn first in the Sunday School Hymnary (1905), edited by Carey Bonner*, and subsequently in the Boys’ Brigade Hymnal (1922), the 1919 edition of The Public School Hymn Book, edited by Geoffrey Shaw, SofP (1925), RCH (1927) and SofPE (1931). In the USA it appealed to H. Augustine Smith*, who included it in the American Student Hymnal (1928) and in The New Hymnal for American Youth (1930). It had three stanzas: God who created me Nimble and light of limb, In three elements free, To run, to ride, to swim: Not...

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